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British '95  DPM shirt
Soldier 95 Very good condition Classic Lightweight ..
British DPM Aircrew Combat Jacket Mark 2A
DPM Canadian buttons Zip chest pockets Nice cut Fashion ..
British DPM Bergen Yoke/P54A
Used with side pockets Goes with link straps PLCE system DPM ..
British DPM C95 Trousers
Classic British DPM Lightweight  Some smaller sizes 5 pockets Canadian buttons Ver..
British DPM Main Yoke
Webbing yoke PLCE system DPM Semi rare ..
British DPM Tropical Shirt
Ally Vintage Some jungle weight Old school Collectors Good, original condition ..
DPM 349 Radio Pouch
349 Northern Ireland DPM Clips on chest rig Becoming scarce ..
DPM Goretex  Mittens
Goretex Snow DPM Arctic kit May have some inners. ..
DPM Goretex Jacket
Classic British Kit Waterproof Popular line Styles may vary Grade 1 ..
DPM Ops Vest
Classic PLCE style Multi pockets British DPM camo Becoming scarce Grade 1 condition Gen..
DPM Osprey Cover
Super grade Very rare Airsoft MOLLE loops NI issue? ..
DPM PVC Trousers
Old school Waterproof Camo Budget line ..
DPM Trauma Pouch
PLCE Like utility Medics Niche Complete, but worn ..
Dutch DPM Molle Platform
Classic DPM MOLLE loops Fastex chest fastening Great for airsoft Original condition Exc..