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Bags & Webbing

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AFV Ammo Pouch
DPM Velcro/stud fastening SA80 For AFV vest ..
Assorted Dutch Pouches
Some MOLLE Some ALICE Various styles For large original quantitys call sales ..
Austrian Large Alice Pack
Like US variant No straps Good for bike panniers Great for fashion re-working  Large..
Belgian Desert Body Armour Vest
Rare Collectors Gucci Great for eBay ..
Body Armour Cover
Covert body armour cover Grade 1 condition No inserts From NI? ..
British Army 90L Virtus Bergen
MK1 Virtus 90L capacity No side pockets Brand new ..
British Desert CBA Cover
New Great for shows Kids Budget Random sizes ..
British Desert MOLLE Holster
DDPM  MOLLE For large frame pistols Airsoft Genuine issue ..
British DPM Bergen Yoke
Used with side pockets Goes with link straps PLCE system DPM ..
British DPM Data Terminal Pack
British DPM data terminal Shoulder strap Padded protection Top Seller ..
British DPM Grenade Bandolier
DPM Brand new 8 x 40mm grenades Great for airsoft Niche item ..
British DPM Main Yoke
Webbing yoke PLCE system DPM Semi rare ..
British DPM PLCE Webbing
Classic webbing set Still used by some reserve units Some sets have more pouches Serviceabl..
British Plate Carrier
Unusual Cloth plate carrier Limited stocks Good, original condition Rare ..
British PLCE Belt
Main waist belt Part of the PLCE system Can be used alone Cadets Small/Medium ..
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